The USA Science and Engineering Festival event, the child of the ever-exuberant, ever-approachable Larry Bock, has a beautiful tribute to this man who was a special gift to the work of Yamana Science and Engineering – now ReImagine Science.  Please watch:

Tribute to Larry Bock

Our history is deeply connected with Larry, who agreed to host our first national events as part of the USA Science and Engineering Festival in 2010 and 2012.  A simple email via the ‘contact us’ option on the USA Science and Engineering Festival brought a quick response:

Dear Kennan,

Thanks for your expression of interest in the USA Science and Engineering Festival in your em below.

The first step would be to organize a brief phone call.

Would you have anytime next Wednesday  around 9AM EST?

Best regards.

Larry Bock
Executive Director
USA Science & Engineering Festival

That launched a ready open-ness and generosity from a man that I did not meet in person until he opened our second USA Science and Engineering Festival event, the 2012 Science UnSummit, at the artisphere in Arlington VA.  I could email or call and he never turned me away.

Larry has set the bar high for CEOs and serial entrepreneurs….I do not think I will easily find a person as accomplished, as productive, as recognized and as busy who somehow found a way to be exceptionally supportive (for no other reason than a shared passion for the success of science) and exceedingly kind and gracious.

For that I am most grateful, Larry, and I send my greatest appreciation and admiration for you, a most honorable and inspirational instance of a human being.

~Thank you~

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